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10 Ways to Ward Off The Evil Eye

Nazar or the Evil Eye from South Asian Mythology.

A stare, a superficial toned praise, or compliment about your beauty, success, or wealth, can turn your world upside down in moments! You must be confused and thinking, “How can that happen?”

We like to call it the Nazar or Drishti or The Evil Eye, a curse or a spell which takes place when someone intentionally or unintentionally shoots a malicious glare stuffed with ill thoughts or jealousy!

So to escape, avoid or repel the curse of the Nazar, there are various ancient methods which are traditionally followed by Hindus.

1. Lime Therapy

Apart from using the lime juice to enrich your delicacies, lemons are the most popular kitchen item used in warding off the Nazar. Take a lemon and run it over the body of the ill person from head to toe in a circular motion three times, cut it into half and dump it outside your house. It’s simple and effective! 

2. Spice Therapy

This one is a little tricky! To ward off Nazar from an ill person, one must take 9 Guajillo chilies along with black mustard seeds and some salt. Bring all the ingredients on a paper and run it around the person seven times, from head to toe. Before disposing of this paper, burn it. The smoke rising from the chilies will provide a sign of an evil curse cast on the ill person. 

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can play a significant role in warding off the Nazar or negative energies straight from the house if positioned in the right places. The mirrors should reflect the front door. If any negative energy tries to break inside, the mirror will bounce the negative vibes with the same degree and intensity outside the house. And also important to note, no two mirrors should face each other, because it brings bad luck. 

4. Coconut Smashing

One of the most famous rituals in India is crushing the coconut before buying a new thing. Take a coconut in your hand and circle it around the item to be purchased. Next, recount positive things in your head while the coconut is in your hand and smash it on the floor. I find it very fascinating. 

5. Kohl (Kajal)

Enhancing beauty is just one way to look at Kajal (black pencil liner), but it comes in handy in warding off Nazar. Indian families put a dot of Kajal on their newborns to keep them protected from evil curses or spells. If someone is looking adorable or beautiful, the eldest person of the family puts a dot of Kajal to create a shield from evil curses.

6. Nazar Battu

Apart from symbolism, this is a face icon which is used by many North Indian people to ward off negative energies from the house. Usually, this black face is placed outside the home to nullify the effects of Drishti. 

7. Evil Eye Repellent

Another icon, an eye for an eye representation, is used by many people, not only in India but around the world to ward off Nazar. Blue in color, this eye works to repel the evil eye curse. Many people buy decorative items or fashion accessories which have evil eye repellent. 

8. Aak Plant

Considered as a sacred plant in the Hindu religion, the mere presence of this plant in the front of the house ensures safety from Evil Eyes.

9. Kashi Fal (Pumpkin Remedy)

Kashi Fal is used by many Indian families to nullify the effect of Drishti. If Kashi Fal dries in some time, it indicates that there are no evil eyes on the house. If water starts dripping from the pumpkin, that is a sure sign of Evil Eyes and negative vibes upon the residence and its people. 

10. Burning Incense

This method leans more towards cleansing the aura and the environment around the house. Incense sticks are the essential items in worshipping God and, hence, are found in every household. The smoke produced from the burning incense ensures protection from any negative vibes inside the house.

Header Image Art by Eesha Chavan


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