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5 Superheroes to Cosplay That You Never Knew About

Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel

Whether you are at a con or a geeky event, for us cosplayers there are the usual suspects of popular superhero cosplays. But if you are like me, you are always looking for new heroes to embody and have fun.

We’ve come up with a list of characters to expand your cosplaying horizons, and mix it up at your next convention when they start back up again. 

1. Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel

She hasn’t been introduced in the MCU but Ms. Marvel is all of us fans if we ever became a hero. Full of life and spunk, Kamala is a teenage Muslim Pakistani girl living Jersey City, who discovers she has inhuman genes. After the “inhumanity” storyline, she takes over the mantle of Ms. Marvel has after her idol Carol Danvers becomes Captain Marvel. 

2. Wave 

Pearl Pangan - Wave from Marvel
From Marvel.fandom.com

Pearl Pangan has one of the greatest costumes on this list if you are looking for your searching for a challenging but definitely worth it project. Showing potential as a swimmer at an early age near Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines, she was derailed from her path to the Olympics. She was tricked into participating in AlonTech’s science experience and gained powers to control water. Who doesn’t want to wear that armor?

3. Kingo – The Eternals

It wasn’t until an epic reveal at Comic-Con that many geeks learned who the Eternals were, let alone the character Kingo. Played by Kumail Najiani, Kingo, like the other Eternals, are a race of immortal aliens sent to earth by the Celestials to protect humankind from the Deviants. There is a lot to be known about his character but at the panel, they revealed the costumes and it seems pretty epic if you are looking to level up on your next Cosplay. 

4. The Keepers

Jazmin Truesdale is the CEO, creator, and founder of Aza Entertainment and Aza Comics. With her company, she created a culturally rich and diverse world of superheroes, in fact, an all-female universe. The Keepers (2016) follows five women who have “normal” everyday lives but also fight for justice during the night. The diversity of heroine representation is amazing. 

5. Adanna

Based out of Mumbai, Adanna is a mechanic and business owner, yes, she owns that shop! If you think that’s impressive, her powers of shapeshifting between gaseous, solid, and liquid are definitely worthy of your next cosplay!  Fun Fact: Her character was inspired by the gold-winning Olympic wrestler, Geeta Phogat.

BONUS: Spider-Man: India

Based on the idea of a retelling of Spiderman in a new part of the world, Pavitr Prabhakar becomes Peter Parker of Mumbai. He moves there from a small village with his Aunt Maya and Uncle Bhim and well you know the story from there which is great for any cosplayer who has a Spider-Man costume but wanted to re-do it. 


Want to learn more about some of these characters? I sat down with Jazmin Truesdale of Aza Comics and discussed the creative drive that went into her world building and character creations.

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