Author: Brianna da Silva

Interview with Shveta Thakrar on ‘Star Daughter’

Shveta Thakrar’s debut YA fantasy novel, Star Daughter, just released yesterday. We sat down with her to discuss this beautiful book inspired by Hindu mythology, and the exciting, recent movement of publishing more non-European fantasy books. Contemporary fantasy with Hindu mythology Brianna: What was your initial inspiration for Star Daughter? Shveta: A few different things swirled into one...

Brown Geek Spotlight: Tanaz Bhathena

Tanaz Bhathena is the author of Hunted by the Sky, the first of a YA fantasy duology set in a world inspired by medieval India, along with the acclaimed YA titles The Beauty of the Moment and A Girl Like That. She sat down with us to discuss her latest fantasy book, and how her unique background has influenced her writing. Brianna: What are some of the factors that inspired you to write your lates...

Brown Geek Spotlight: Tasha Suri

Interview with Tasha Suri Tasha Suri joins Brianna da Silva on the Females in Fantasy podcast to talk about EMPIRE OF SAND, her epic fantasy debut inspired by Mughal India. In this podcast, she explores the real Hindu epics and history that fueled her world building. Also, she answers the question: Why are empires such a common theme in fantasy literature?

12 Must-Read Sapphic Fantasy Books of 2020

There’s a strange rumor going around that there is no sapphic literature. Not only is this not true, but I can prove it! Let’s take my favorite genre for example: Epic fantasy. This year, we have been especially blessed with a whole gambit of diverse, sapphic fantasy books. Here are 12 sapphic fantasy books that have come out (or will come out) in 2020, all with lesbian and bisexual women at the h...

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