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A Review of Cyberpunk 2077

The streets are littered with garbage and bodies. Everyone is a commodity. Everything is expendable. Everything is a product. Everything gets tossed… even the player. Cyberpunk 2077 is dark. It touches on identity crises, PTSD, suicide, murder, assault, gang wars, police brutality, sex, rape, and kidnapping. There is something called cyberpsychosis where people’s brains are being hacked. The line ...

Best Books with Fantasy Worlds Inspired by India

Here is a list of our six favorite books with fantasy worlds inspired by India and Indian history that will take you away and immerse you. Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri This is Tasha Suri’s debut novel which weaves together rich characters and lavish magic to create a skillfully imagined fantasy world inspired by Mughal, India. The main character, Mehr, lives on the outer edge of her society. She i...

A History of Black Comic Book Brilliance

We at Brown Geeks are excited to celebrate Black History Month and as a nod to the history of geekery, we wanted to look back to where all our fantasy and sci-fi dreams began. Orrin Cromwell Evans Makes Comic Book History Orrin Cromwell Evans (1902-1971) was a pioneer. A journalist and comic book publisher, he is considered “the first black writer to cover general assignments for a mainstream whit...

Brown Geeks Spotlight – Sim Dhugga

How did you break into this industry? Thanks to my mom, actually. She’s always been my biggest advocate and is a firm believer in the idea that if you don’t tell people what you are trying to accomplish, how can they help you. And she ended up doing just that. I was about a year out of college and struggling to find a way in [I didn’t go to film school by the way, so I didn’t have any connections]...

Brown Geek Spotlight: Aishwarya Tandon

This week’s Brown Geek Spotlight highlights a talented artist who shows great potential to work in the publishing industry. Based in Jaipur, India Aishwarya Tandon is a graduate of Birla Institute of  Technology, Jaipur Mesra branch with a B.Sc and Hons degree in animation and multimedia. From Studio Ghibli to Naruto, her work comprises a multitude of media, art, and books all of which shows her a...

Reflections of Brown Geek Staffers on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today as we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Brown Geeks reflect on his contributions and the impact he’s had on their lives. Kunal, Community Manager Naturally, like so many I stand at awe when it comes to remembering the late Dr. King. His life, his actions, and his legacy gave a real gift to the country as the founding example of how we should, as Americans and god&#...

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