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Designers of Color Talk On Diversity in Tabletop Gaming: Part Two

Last time on Brown Geeks, game designers of color (DOCs) discussed how representation matters in gaming. Recapping the designers involved: Omari Akil is a writer and marketing consultant, and one of the co-founders of the publishing company Board Game Brothas. Earlier this year they successfully Kickstarted their first game called Rap Godz, a light weight Euro-style game about hip-hop culture. Jas...

Designers of Color on Diversity in Tabletop Gaming: Part One

With a myriad of games coming out every year, it’s often hard to see the forest for the trees. So our focus is on the next big hit: the game that everyone talks about, with the pretty artwork and custom meeples. At the end of the day, board games are a form of entertainment, right? Even though the general public has a romanticized feeling about our hobby, you can bet that there are profits to be m...

The Brown Geeks Virtually Play ‘Just One’ and ‘Codenames’

One of the most famous quotes in the board gaming scene comes from none other than Plato, who said: You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation. Still relatively new to the Brown Geek team, I decided to take the philosopher’s advice and host a Zoom session to play some party games with my new colleagues. I’m pretty sure that’s what Plato would’ve done if he’...

Game Designers on Process and the Future of the Industry

In part 1 of our Comic Con 2020 panel on tabletop game design, the panelists talked about how COVID-19 affects their creative process and their playtesting. They also discussed the challenges of new designers to network with publishers online. In part 2, the discussion shifts to advice on the actual game design process, working with IPs, and where the industry might be headed in the future. Stay t...

Tabletop Game Design During COVID-19

These days, we’re confined to our homes because of the coronavirus. That’s forced designers and publishers of tabletop games to think outside their 11×11-inch boxes. How has COVID-19 impacted production and game design? Are there opportunities to be found for designers during times of crisis? Trying to make sense of these conundrums are some of the world’s most renowned board...

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