Author: Krystal M. Ramroop

Book of Beasts: La Diablesse

The attractive young woman is garbed in a voluminous white dress and wide-brimmed hat as she leads her victim into the lone forest towards the ravine. He bubbles with anticipation of romantic exchanges. Nearing their destination, she removes her hat to reveal her glowing red eyes and grinning skull before using her cloven hoof to kick her victim into the ravine to his death. She then vanishes into...

Midnight’s Mischievous Mistress — A Short Horror Story

The hustle and bustle of Trinidad and Tobago’s Underworld was nothing out of the ordinary for Marie as she sat at her work station and scrutinized the multiple screens that brightened the slate-colored walls in her small office. At every hour of the day in the vibrant Caribbean country, domestic violence cases against women – accompanied by public and private footage for the Underworld records – p...

Bananas and Milk — A Short Horror Story

There was a soft amber-yellow glow from the street lamps accompanied by the lights from an array of shops that illuminated the wet pavement as Anita’s car pulled into the strip mall parking lot. I rolled down the car window from the passenger seat, letting the cool air escape and the Scarborough heat creep in with the rhythmic late-night chatter from the locals. My eyes scanned the various adverti...

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