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Best Books with Fantasy Worlds Inspired by India

Fantasy Worlds

Here is a list of our six favorite books with fantasy worlds inspired by India and Indian history that will take you away and immerse you.

  • Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri

This is Tasha Suri’s debut novel which weaves together rich characters and lavish magic to create a skillfully imagined fantasy world inspired by Mughal, India. The main character, Mehr, lives on the outer edge of her society. She is the illegitimate daughter of the governor and an Amrithi mother, a tribe of magical beings who are shunned. When she discovers her magic she is sent to a stronghold of the empire’s mystics. Mehr must find her courage to survive. Suri expertly joins history and fantasy to create a complete and exciting world.

Purchase Empire of Sand here.

  • A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi

Lovable characters Gauri, the princess of Bharata, and Vikram are forced to work together to win back Gauri’s kingdom.  Gauri is kidnapped and taken as a prisoner of war by her kingdom’s enemies. Gauri and Bharata work together despite discovering that they are complete opposites. They need to join forces and set aside their differences in order to win the Tournament of Wishes, a competition held in a mythical city where the Lord of Wealth promises a wish to the winner. Once they arrive, danger takes the shape of poisonous courtesans and troublemaking story birds and other obstacles. Every move they make is a test of their strength and wit. But Guari and Vikram soon discover that the most dangerous thing is what they most desire.

Purchase A Crown of Wishes here.

  • The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana

This is Khorana’s first book that delves into epic fantasy. Khorana tells the story of Princess Amrita, who has offered her hand in marriage to prevent the fall of her kingdom. After ruin still arrives, Amrita sets out in search of the Library of All Things, the only place that could turn back time and allow Amrita to save her people. The world created in this book is heavily influenced by ancient India, with intriguing and smart twists on history and historical characters such as Alexander the Great.

Purchase The Library of Fates here.

  • Hunted by the Sky by Tanaz Bhathena

This book is inspired by medieval India and is full of magic and danger. Gul was born with a star-shaped birthmark and that birthmark makes her a target of the evil King. Girls with birthmarks like the one Gul has have been disappearing for years. Gul barely escapes an attempt to take her life which results in the death of her parents. For Gul, revenge is her only option. Bhathena creates a unique new take on medieval India including prophecies and ancient magic.

Purchase Hunted by the Sky here.

  • Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar

Thakrar is inspired by Hindu mythology and creates an exceptional fantasy debut full of celestials and star magic. When Sheetal’s magic flare up puts her father in the hospital, she must travel to a celestial court. She has to take on the role of being her family’s champion in a dangerous competition in order to save the life of her father. Thakrar focuses on Hindu mythology in this vibrant and lovely world inspired by the skies.

Purchase Star Daughter here.

  • A Testament of Steel by Davis Ashura

Davis Ashura introduces Cinder Shade whose life begins at the bottom of a well where he awakens battered, bruised, and without memory. The only thing he knows is that he has an objective to protect those who cannot protect themselves and he must become a warrior. He discovers a gift within himself in which the codes of combat are apparent and the ability to use steel effectively is evident. When he earns a place at a prestigious elven warrior academy, Cinder fights to gain knowledge and to help humble the proud elves who believe no human is their equal. His abilities are put to the test when there are strange rumblings from deep in the Dagger Mountains. Mythical monsters emerge as does an ancient god. The world believes this deity to be long dead, but it turns out he is very much alive, and he remembers his enemies clearly. Even if they do not remember themselves.

Purchase A Testament of Steel here.

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