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Book of Beasts: Berberoka

In the deep rivers and swamps, beneath the murky waters, lies the Berberoka – a swamp creature that has made many-a-traveler wary about traversing thick j...[Read More]

Book of Beasts: Bazil

The blood-filled calabash floats towards the colossal silk cotton tree with the Soucouyant in her true form trailing behind it. It lands next to the banana and ...[Read More]

Book of Beasts: The Adarna

The Adarna is a fey creature that bears an affinity to the most beautiful of avian shapes. Capable of shifting from songbird to raptor, it can always be recogni...[Read More]

Book of Beasts: Hin’nagami

A doll floats before you in a dream, beautiful as a perfect child, but her eyes brim with tears. “Oh please,” she whispers, “come play with me! I can give you a...[Read More]

Book of Beasts: Yeongno

A large, serpentine, small-horned dragon with a horse-like mane devours a delicious pig, or duck, wearing the clothing and hat of a high court official. A yeong...[Read More]

Move Over Elves… Here Come the Apsaras, Jinns, and Garudas

In Hindu mythology, there is a story about Skanda, the second son of Lord Shiva (“the Destroyer”) who took a look around the world and felt hopeless...[Read More]

Book of Beasts: King Gambrinus

A merry bearded beer-bellied king, complete with crown and ermine cape, rides astride a beer barrel, bearing a beer glass in one hand and a stein in the other.

Amazing Black Fantasy Authors from History

Pauline Hopkins Challenging Racism with Fantasy Adventure Born in 1859, Hopkins started off her career as a lauded actress and singer before becoming a legendar...[Read More]

Book of Beasts – Ninki Nanka

Something moves in the mist. The muddy water stirs and ripples, rocking an intruder’s canoe. As the adventurer fumbles for a mirror, a reptilian monster emerges...[Read More]

Brown Geeks Spotlight – Devanshi

For this week’s Brown Geek Spotlight, we spoke to artist Devanshi (or as many of you know her, @devanshei ) to discuss how she broke into the industry and her h...[Read More]

A Review of Cyberpunk 2077

The streets are littered with garbage and bodies. Everyone is a commodity. Everything is expendable. Everything is a product. Everything gets tossed… even the p...[Read More]

Best Books with Fantasy Worlds Inspired by India

Here is a list of our six favorite books with fantasy worlds inspired by India and Indian history that will take you away and immerse you. Empire of Sand by Tas...[Read More]

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