South Asian Animated ‘Bombay Rose’ to Get Netflix Release

Soon you’ll be able to see Gitanjali Rao’s animated feature Bombay Rose from the comfort of your couch. Streaming giant Netflix has bought the rights and will release the film later this y...

Why the She-Ra and Catra Kiss Matters for Queer Youth

WARNING: The following contains a spoiler for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 5, now streaming on Netflix. The kiss heard around the world, or well the queer animated one at least.

Avaaz’s Top 5 South Asian Artists to Watch in 2020

Desi Comics. A reimagined Jungle Book. A South Asian-inspired Calvin and Hobbes. Even a tattoo or two. We’ve combed the interwebs for our list of the top five South Asian artists. These five talents a...

Superman is Filipino-American…

… Sorta. The Man of Steel will be voice for the first time by a Filipino-American actor — Darren Criss. He’ll make his debut in the animated feature, Superman: The Man of Tomorro...

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