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A History of Black Comic Book Brilliance

We at Brown Geeks are excited to celebrate Black History Month and as a nod to the history of geekery, we wanted to look back to where all our fantasy and sci-fi dreams began. Orrin Cromwell Evans Mak...

India’s First Graphic Novel ‘River of Stories’ Makes a Comeback

India’s pioneering graphic novel River of Stories is all set to be reprinted. Creator Orijit Sen made the revelation in an interview with Eye on Design magazine. Published in 1994, River of Stories wa...

Good Pop Culture, Great Mental Health During Covid

When we rang in the new year from our respective parts of the world, no one could have predicted that 2020 would bring with it a deadly pandemic, worldwide protests, and more. With all of that came ex...

Comic Con @ Home: Junji Ito’s Formula for the Macabre

You don’t need to have a brush with the paranormal to write scary stories, believes horror manga artist Junji Ito. Ito chatted with  VIZ Media’s Urian Brown on Day 3 of Comic Con @ Home. He explained ...

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