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Seven Spooky Cosplayers, MUAs and Cospainters to Follow

The month of October brings about the spookiest and most creative content for ghoulishly good reasons. Most costume designs or character creations are showcased at cons but for cosplayers who are look...

DC Heroes to Cosplay That Aren’t the Big Seven

DC FanDome is the first of its kind for the major comic book company. The online event takes a big dive into the DC universe from panels, artworks, cosplays, and first looks at new content. I thought ...

Age is Just a Number For These Cosplayers

San Diego Comic Con 2020 was unlike any previous edition of the annual pop culture circus. There were no endless queues, no screaming fans, minimal celebrity sightings. There were no cosplayers pranci...

8 Tips for the Thrifty Brown Geek Cosplayer

Have you ever wanted to cosplay as some of your favorite characters but didn’t have what you needed to create an exact replica of their looks from scratch? Friend, you are not alone! Cosplaying is pre...

5 Superheroes to Cosplay That You Never Knew About

Whether you are at a con or a geeky event, for us cosplayers there are the usual suspects of popular superhero cosplays. But if you are like me, you are always looking for new heroes to embody and hav...

Detectives, Batman, Femme Fatales: The 10 Best Noir-Inspired Cosplays

Film Noir is such a celebrated and fun subculture from the classic fashion to the alluring lingo. There’s something menacing, mysterious and moody about the entire genre. Who doesn’t love ...

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