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Brown Geeks Spotlight – Devanshi

For this week’s Brown Geek Spotlight, we spoke to artist Devanshi (or as many of you know her, @devanshei ) to discuss how she broke into the industry and her hopes and dreams for her career.  Ho...

Brown Geek Spotlight: Aishwarya Tandon

This week’s Brown Geek Spotlight highlights a talented artist who shows great potential to work in the publishing industry. Based in Jaipur, India Aishwarya Tandon is a graduate of Birla Institute of ...

Brown Geek Spotlight: Ritesh Rajan

For this week’s Brown Geek Spotlight we spoke to actor/performer Ritesh Rajan (Definition Please, Stitchers, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, Russian Doll, The Jungle Book) about his journey in Hollywood...

Brown Geek Spotlight: Lucia Marte AKA IsSheBlackorAzn

Popular makeup artist and cospainter, Lucia Marte, also known by her moniker “IsSheBlackorAzn” chats with Lohanne on The NerdMix podcast about her realistic yet glamorous takes on pop culture characte...

Brown Geek Spotlight: Nick Sharma

A question I hear quiet often is how did you break into the animation industry? There are times when the entertainment industry can feel like this elusive being that’s too difficult to navigate or eve...

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