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Book of Beasts: The Adarna

The Adarna is a fey creature that bears an affinity to the most beautiful of avian shapes. Capable of shifting from songbird to raptor, it can always be recognized by its striking plumage of many colo...

Book of Beasts: Hin’nagami

A doll floats before you in a dream, beautiful as a perfect child, but her eyes brim with tears. “Oh please,” she whispers, “come play with me! I can give you anything you like! The old man who made m...

Book of Beasts: Yeongno

A large, serpentine, small-horned dragon with a horse-like mane devours a delicious pig, or duck, wearing the clothing and hat of a high court official. A yeongno is a fallen celestial dragon desperat...

Move Over Elves… Here Come the Apsaras, Jinns, and Garudas

In Hindu mythology, there is a story about Skanda, the second son of Lord Shiva (“the Destroyer”) who took a look around the world and felt hopeless. Corruption, man-made disease, and hate...

Brown Geeks Spotlight – Sim Dhugga

How did you break into this industry? Thanks to my mom, actually. She’s always been my biggest advocate and is a firm believer in the idea that if you don’t tell people what you are trying to accompli...

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