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Book of Beasts: Hag – Cuca

A crocodile wearing a strawberry blonde wig and a hooded cloak reaches into her handbasket and pulls out a frightened child far too large to reasonably fit inside. “Naughty child soup!” she cries...

Thank the Gods for “Ancestry & Culture” — Someone Finally Fixed Race for D&D

Every once in a while, a roleplaying game product comes along that makes you grateful for its existence because it fixes a game problem you’ve been having for years and you don’t have to write the hou...

Comic Con @ Home: RPG Round-Up

I’ve been attending San Diego Comic Con International since I was 18 eighteen, and I’ve been a professional RPG writer since I was 21 twenty one, doing many projects over the years, and I’m currently ...

Tabletop Game Design During COVID-19

These days, we’re confined to our homes because of the coronavirus. That’s forced designers and publishers of tabletop games to think outside their 11×11-inch boxes. How has COVI...

Nitrate City: The Ultimate Monster Mash-Up Noir Tabletop RPG

Vampire private eyes. Frankenstein mobsters. Gambling werewolves. The invisible femme fatale. It’s a monster mash… up of noir, crime, and classic horror creatures. Welcome to Nitrate City,...

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