Move Over Elves… Here Come the Apsaras, Jinns, and Garudas

In Hindu mythology, there is a story about Skanda, the second son of Lord Shiva (“the Destroyer”) who took a look around the world and felt hopeless. Corruption, man-made disease, and hate...

Book of Beasts: King Gambrinus

A merry bearded beer-bellied king, complete with crown and ermine cape, rides astride a beer barrel, bearing a beer glass in one hand and a stein in the other.

Brown Geeks Spotlight – Devanshi

For this week’s Brown Geek Spotlight, we spoke to artist Devanshi (or as many of you know her, @devanshei ) to discuss how she broke into the industry and her hopes and dreams for her career.  Ho...

The Brown Geeks Review Raji: an Ancient Epic

Introduction As an avid gamer I have come across many stories of epic fantasies and daring rescues that resemble the cultures of familiar western gods. Sure, there are many instances of games like Civ...

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