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Episode 2 of Horror Podcast ‘We Don’t Belong Here’: A Knock at the Door

We Don't Belong Here Ep. 2 A Knock at the Door

The scares continue with the next episode to Avaaz Media’s horror podcast We Don’t Belong Here!

Listen to “Knock at the Door” and see where Rene, Maya and Amina end up in this very peculiar world. Now available on all podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.).


Maya and Amina seek shelter from something sinister stalking them on the outskirts of the forest. But that’s the least of their worries. Trapped in a strange house, Maya is flooded with flashbacks of pain, regret, and loss. Soon reality warps around her as Amina starts acting strangely.

Credits For ‘We Don’t Belong Here’ 

We Don’t Belong Here is an Avaaz Media production.

Created by Tamara Syed, Sim Dhugga, and Ryan Thomas Riddle.

From a concept by Tamara Syed and Sim Dhugga.

Executive Producer: Ryan Thomas Riddle

Producer: Tamara Syed

Voice Director/Producer: Sim Dhugga

Episode 2: “Knock at the Door” 

Written by Sim Dhugga and Ryan Thomas Riddle


Maya: Alexandria Hood

Amina: Tamara Syed

Rene: Tomas Toledo

Nale Ba: Kavi Raz

Hardeep: Rida Qureshi

Lieutenant: Kiran Subramaniam

Show Notes 

What is the Nale Ba?

Learn more about the Nale Ba featured in this episode:

More on the cast and crew: 

Alexandra Hood: 

Kavi Raz:

Tamara Syed: 

Sim Dhugga:

Ryan Thomas Riddle:

More on Avaaz Media: 

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