We’re happy to announce the first episode of our genre-bending audio drama podcast has dropped. Listen to the first episode of We Don’t Belong Here — “Three Characters Trapped in a Forest”:


It should’ve been a simple hiking trip. Should’ve. But it’s hardly anything but ordinary. Now three friends find themselves lost in an enigmatic forest. And one of them will confront a monster from Philippine folklore — the deadly Aswang. 

And that’s only the beginning of their troubles… 


We Don’t Belong Here is an Avaaz Media production. 

Created by Tamara Syed, Sim Dhugga, and Ryan Thomas Riddle.

From a concept by Tamara Syed and Sim Dhugga. 

Executive Producer: Ryan Thomas Riddle

Producer: Tamara Syed

Voice Director/Producer: Sim Dhugga 

Episode 1: “Three Characters Trapped in a Forest” 

Audio play by Tamara Syed & Sim Dhugga and Ryan Thomas Riddle 

Story by Tamara Syed and Sim Dhugga


Maya: Alexandria Hood 

Amina: Tamara Syed 

Rene: Tomas Toledo 

Aswang: Kavi Raz

Mom: Sandi Eberhardt

Sherwin: Reynald Raissel Santos 

Show Notes 

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(Artwork by Eesha Chavan)