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Nitrate City: The Ultimate Monster Mash-Up Noir Tabletop RPG

Nitrate City RPG

Vampire private eyes. Frankenstein mobsters. Gambling werewolves. The invisible femme fatale. It’s a monster mash… up of noir, crime, and classic horror creatures.

Welcome to Nitrate City, Evil Hat’s newest tabletop role-playing game. A different kind of sin(ister) city. Grab your fedoras, your smokes, and your piece, cause things are certain to go bump in the night.

Frankenstein’s Mobster has never been so conflicted. (Photo Credit: Evil Hat Productions)

The Brown Geek Connection

Nitrate City hails from the brain of Doselle Young, a prolific writer and artist who made a name in brown geek fandom through comics. He’s authored several books, including Wonder Woman, Star Trek: Voyager, and the limited series The Monarchy.

He’s no stranger to noir either, penning a short pulp story for the San Diego Noir anthology. So he certainly has the street cred to create something like Nitrate City.

A Clever Twist on Some Old Tropes

In a clever blending of mid-Twentieth-Century tropes, the game takes place in a world where hard-boiled detectives co-exist with classic monsters from the silver screen.

Ever wanted to take the mantle of a tortured anti-hero making a living in the dark city, while rubbing shoulders with supernatural entities both friendly and malign? Nitrate City may be the game that’s afoot for you.

Playing Detective in Nitrate City

Players can choose to fight for the rights of the downtrodden, going up against “Frankenstein’s Mo(b)ster” and his minions, strive for the almighty dollar, or seek self-redemption for their invariably dark origin stories.

Vampire private eyes? Invisible femme fatales? Pick your poison… carefully. (Photo Credit: Evil Hat Productions)

The rules are based off of the extremely popular FATE system. But, in a clever touch, Young introduces several elements specific to the genre.

For example, the “Flicker Effect” allows game masters to dial up the cinematic elements as needed to tell the best possible story.

Character generation is fast and intuitive, and players are rewarded for things such as introspection and soliloquy, channeling their best Raymond Chandler monologues.

These and other in-game mechanics emphasize storytelling over number-crunching, which are things I’ve come to appreciate in role-playing games. It’s a nice change from the standard kill-the-monster-take-the-money RPG treadmill.

Nitrate City is available for purchase and immediate download from Evil Hat Productions by way of the DriveThruRPG.com webstore. Check it out!

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