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South Asian Animated ‘Bombay Rose’ to Get Netflix Release

Bombay Rose

Soon you’ll be able to see Gitanjali Rao’s animated feature Bombay Rose from the comfort of your couch. Streaming giant Netflix has bought the rights and will release the film later this year. 

Bombay Rose premiered at the Venice Critics Week last  year. A huge win, as it was the first Indian animated feature to ever do this. Visually stunning, the feature was painted frame by frame and took six years for Rao to make. 

The film is based on true events and tells the story of a red rose bringing together 3 tales of impossible love, amidst struggling for survival in a big city. 

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As a queer South Asian writer, director and producer, Sim has always had an affinity to create stories that are beautifully diverse. Constantly on the hunt to find the best tools to aid in her quest, she believes media can be used to tell a story. Through her experience working in development and production at Super Deluxe, Cartoon Network and Netflix , she has discovered animation to be the definitive tool to accomplish this task. She hopes to make the world’s stories come alive through the world of animation.

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