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The Brown Geeks Are Going to San Diego Comic Con From Our Couches

Comic Con at home

2020 is a challenging year for all of us. We are living through history at this very moment in a lot of ways. We’ve had to find new ways to gather and connect. Mostly, we’ve gone online to do so. Because it’s important to stay connected even if we can’t physically be together.

The organizers of San Diego Comic Con International know this.  For a lot of us, Comic Con is the time of year where we can see friends, share our geek love, and take a few days to congregate in celebration of our fandom.

So this year, Comic Con has gone virtual. Completely. Starting today, the event is coming directly to your home. Panels, exclusives and even the exhibit hall can be enjoyed from your cozy couch. All you need is a computer and a good wifi connection.

The Brown Geeks (that’s us) will be there too! We’ll be attending the panels and reporting out. Some of us will be live-tweeting as well, just follow our Twitter: @AvaazMedia_ (don’t forget the underscore at the end).

Here are our team‘s top “must-see” panels of Comic Con @ Home 2020.

Ryan’s Pick

Star Trek Universe Virtual Panel

Thursday, July 23 at 10AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

I’m not going to miss the crazy hectic lines to get into Hall H this year! But I am going to miss being in Hall H for this panel. I’ve gone to all the Star Trek Universe panels for the past couple of years. And it’s always thrilling to see the exclusive clips and trailers of upcoming Treks.

Star Trek Comic Con Past

Star Trek at Comic Con in previous years, from their off-site exhibit (me in captain’s chair) and Hall H. (Photo Credit: Ryan Riddle)

But I’m sure Thursday’s virtual panel will give us exclusives on Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. And I’ll be live-tweeting it from my Twitter handle @ryantriddle.

Kunal’s Pick

Cartoon Network: The Art of Storyboarding

Thursday, July 23, 11 AM PDT

From the Comic Con description:

In this masterclass virtual panel, hear from artists behind some of Cartoon Network Studios’ hit series as they share their journeys, learnings and top tips for aspiring storyboard artists worldwide. Join leading artists behind award-winning shows to learn how a concept or script is brought to life through the beloved art of storyboarding. Panelists include: Mic Graves, director of and voice on The Amazing World of Gumball; Chuck Klein, storyboard royalty and supervising producer/director, Apple & Onion; Julia Pott, creator of and voice on Summer Camp Island; Alabaster Pizzo, storyboard artist, Summer Camp Island

This particular panel interests me since my goal is to one day be a storyboard artist who can work at animated studios such as Cartoon Network. I look forward to learning what experience Cartoon Network can give to would-be storyboard artists and what to look forward to from the studio when working there.


Brianna’s Pick

GeekEd: Re-storied: Re-imagining Creative Privilege

Wednesday, July 22 at 3PM PDT

From Comic-Con’s description:

History is a story told by the victors: until it’s not. The story landscape is changing. There is more space in the narrative world for stories both by and about people with diverse experiences. Join our lively panel debate to see how that re-storying is emerging; in academic institutions, in live performance, in digital experiences, and in a proliferation of creative tools that empower people to tell their stories.

This looks like an intriguing and lively panel around the shifting of our narratives to include more diverse voices.


Miranda’s Pick

Harry Potter and Black Panther: Using Pop Culture to become Superheroes IRL

Saturday, 5 PM PST

From the Comic Con description:

The origin of comics is rooted in social justice — and Pop Culture Hero Coalition (@SuperheroIRL) brings another powerful conversation on how Black Panther, Harry Potter, and other characters educate, inspire, and mobilize us to be heroes for each other, as well as for ourselves. Join Dr. Rheeda Walker (The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health), Geoffrey Thorne (Black Panther’s Quest, The Librarians)Dr. Janina Scarlet (Harry Potter Therapy, Dark Agents), and educators Carrie Goldman (Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear), Vanee Matsalia (BlerdGalaxy Magazine, Women in Comics International), and Brandon Matsalia (Women in Comics International), along with moderator Chase Masterson (Star Trek: DS9, Doctor Who: Big Finish) — and let’s make this a world where we can ALL live long and prosper! “Pop Culture Hero Coalition is using Comic-Con’s massive influence to spread its anti-bullying message.”

I am passionate about this topic and currently working on an article about this exact idea regarding how our pop culture role models and heroes, both real and fictional, can inspire us to become heroes for ourselves and others, especially those who are underrepresented. Plus, I love HP and Black Panther.


Lohanne’s Pick

The Psychology of Black Panther

Sunday, July 26 at 3PM PDT

From the Comic Con description:

What do people mean whey they shout, Wakanda Forever! Join Scott Jordan (Westworld psychology), Alex Simmons (Blackjack), Victor Dandridge, Jr. (Vantage Inhouse Productions), Daniel Jun Kim (Black Panther psychology), Vanessa Hintz (Joker psychology), Eric Wesselmann (Wonder Woman psychology), and Stanford Carpenter (Institute of Comic Scholars) as they discuss the psychological issues addressed in the Black Panther movie and comics, including topics such as micro-aggressions, cultural representation in media, and the power of love and empathetic leadership. By the end of our panel, you, too, will be shouting, Wakanda Forever!

I’m a big fan of Black Panther and I recommend it to any geek interested in understanding what this comic book addition of a black superhero meant to upcoming black voices including cultural representation, microaggressions and other important issues as it relates to current conversations.   


Sim’s Pick

Water, Earth, Fire Air: Continuing the Avatar Legacy

Friday, July 24, at 1PM PDT

From the Comic Con description:

Dark Horse Comics, Abrams Books, and Nickelodeon are thrilled to treat fans to a panel worthy of the Avatar! Join Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra creators and writers, Michael DiMartino, Faith Erin Hicks, F.C. Yee, and Gene Luen Yang for a further exploration of the beloved world as it has grown and changed since the animated series has ended.

It brings together one of the creators of the series, Michael Di Martino plus writers from the series and the Legend of Korra for a further exploration of the world of Avatar/Korra. I’m a huge fan of both shows and excited to hear from the creator/writers. Hoping some info on the live action series will be revealed as well.


The Entire Comic Con @ Home Schedule

Those are just a few of our picks. You can view the entire Comic Con @ Home schedule on their site.

Check out the schedule.

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