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Top 5 Cultural Moments in ‘Evil Eye’

Sunita Mani as Pallavi and Sarita Choudhury as Usha in “Evil Eye"

The psychological thriller, Evil Eye, is out now on Amazon Prime and is a must-see for all Brown Geeks alike. The film centers on the bond between mother (Sarita Choudhury) and daughter (Sunita Mani). Examining the weight of expectations on Pallavi brought on by her mother, Usha. It bridges the gap between Pallavi’s American experience and the faulty connection to her mother living overseas. As Pallavi tries to strengthen her independence and falls in love with the seemingly perfect Sandeep (Omar Maskati), Usha starts to recall repressed memories and something about Sandeep feels eerily familiar. I won’t give up anything else for sake of spoilers, but these five moments stood out as cultural highlights. Watch Evil Eye, do it for the culture. 

1. All Brown Guys Look The Same 

When Pallavi arrives at the coffee shop for her date she notices a well-dressed brown guy and wishes it was her date. With the photo of her blind date in tow, she was sorely disappointed that it wasn’t. Pallavi’s friend Sonia tells her to go for it because, “all brown guys look the same, right?” 

2. The Evil Eye Bracelet Breaking 

There’s a scene where Pallavi’s evil eye bracelet breaks which is spot on to the old wive’s tale of when your bracelet breaks it means someone gave you the evil eye. 

3. I Will Die Tomorrow Eating The Cake 

During a wedding scene, one of the uncles is pleading with his wife to let him eat the sweets because “he will die tomorrow.” There have been so many times where I have heard an uncle say this. Whether it was pleading to smoke a cigarette at the party or have another slice of cake, it’s always, “I will die tomorrow, let me enjoy this today.” 

4. Pallavi Getting Caught At Sandeep’s House By Her Dad

While on the phone with her dad, Sandeep can be heard asking Pallavi if she wants coffee. In typical brown girl fashion, she quickly tries to cover it up by telling her dad, “He just showed up.” Of course, the dad catches on, poking fun at her comment but doesn’t mind since she is an adult after all.  

5. Spicy Food Can Save Your Life

No spoilers but for anyone out there who refuses to eat spicy food or at least give it a try – show them this movie. Not only is spicy food great for your immune system (or so my dad would always say) but it can save you from a psychopath’s grasp.

To hear more about my thoughts on Evil Eye, check out my full review below!

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