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What We’re Doing On Election Day

What We’re Doing On Election Day

Here at the Avaaz Media/Brown Geeks digital headquarters, we’re proud to take Election Day off our regular bustling schedule! These are some of the things our awesome team members are doing today, if you need some ideas or feel like joining us on social media.

Halfway through the day, I’ve gone from Halloween-candy-bingeing to Bollywood-music-while-mute during my meeting. I’ll sign off as the first polls close and make my daughter’s favorite Mac-n-cheese which is 1000 calories a bite, and all from scratch. We only make that for special occasions, and this is one. I have my Suntory on ice. Then we will be social-distance watching at a friend’s yard with the kiddos–we need the support. Once accurate prediction for the night: No workout today!

Today I’m trying to avoid social media as much as possible and practice self-care, which for me means hot tea, a midday walk in the sunlight, and some good quality fiction before and after work. My latest comfort read is Covenant on Webtoons, an absolutely stellar work of fantasy that subverts Christian mythology (think: hot exorcists in swooshy black cloaks fighting demons). The art is stunning, and it’s hella gay. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs a new distraction!
ETA: I went for a sunset walk instead of the midday one, and that was a good move.

Today I’m focusing on some self-care since I voted early, which means avoiding extra noise and doing things that keep me distracted and calm. Like many others, the election will heavily affect me so I don’t want to obsess on it until the final results. My goal for today is getting lost in a familiar adventure with some of my favorite fandoms. It will probably be Star Wars, Umbrella Academy or Marvel. Something where the stakes are really high but I know they’ll pull through. That’s the vibe I’m going for today… and maybe the next couple of weeks.
ETA: I ended up deciding to forego my comfort watches for scary movies in the background for aspirational purposes. I’d rather be haunted by ghosts than these election results!

I’m a non-US citizen who lives in the US, so there isn’t much I can do for the elections besides watch from the sidelines. Instead of exploding my eyeballs with last-minute tension, I plan to rest them upon a comfort watch of My Neighbor Totoro and a marathon binge of The Untamed on Netflix–worlds that take you possibly the farthest away from the events of the day. Often I try to imagine my home as this little non-American oasis balanced in the midst of New York. Add a plate of these crispy potato-chaat pakoras that I love to fry up, some sohan papri stocked up from the Indian supermarket, and Maaza lychee margaritas… and that fantasy bubble may just hold up, if only for a day.

I voted weeks ago. All that’s left is to wait for the results. But I won’t be glued to the news. Today, I’ll squeeze in a workout. Listen to 80s New Wave or some House beats as I lift. Then keep some Star Trek on in the background as I putter around the house. Just to hear the adventures of the Starship Enterprise gives me comfort. Reminds me that a better tomorrow is possible. And that all of us can make that future so. But only if we participate in democracy and continue to care for one another.

Today I’m choosing to go with the flow. On most days I like to stick to routines and tackle very long to-do lists. This year has been a whirlwind on a personal level and collectively, despite the rollercoaster of emotions – I want to take time to be grateful for how far I’ve come. The election amongst a laundry list of other world events are looming heavy on my mind but today I’m choosing to not let it consume me. I’m really sad I binged the latest season of Aggretsuko, highly recommend it as it’s a great example of rebelling against societal norms. It’s an anime about a young woman (er-fox?) who is an accountant that de-stresses by singing death metal karaoke. Perhaps I’ll take a note from her and belt out Christmas music till my neighbors complain.

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