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Who Will be the Next Chosen One for the Buffy Reboot


For a while, there have been rumors of casting for a potential rebooting of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While there has yet to be an official casting announcement,  I took it upon myself as a BtVS fan to speak it into existence for the amazing actors to take on the role as the chosen one. 

I am aware that reboots can be tricky because there is a balance of paying homage to the beloved franchise and diminish the legacy itself. But Buffy is one of those fandoms that allows for more due to the concept of the show that once in a generation a slayer is chosen and with that precedent, it opens up for more stories, telling mythologies unexplored and the continuation of the slayer series. We get a glimpse of this with the first slayer and the various characters in between. It is only now that audiences are catching up to the legacy and it starts with Buffy. 

The premise for my casting:

Now my reboot wouldn’t be a redo of the show but a continuation of the legacy. We’re still in the world of Buffy Summers because story and fandom wise, it would be more interesting to tackle legacy head-on through the plot. Whether in high school or everyday life as the slayer, the messages in the original show span from high school to post-college and are still relevant today.

In honor of Buffy, here some actors that I would love to carry the mantle of slayer once more with the feeling – yea, I did that. 

Ritu Arya

Ritu Arya as Lila Pitts Umbrella Academy

Photo Credit: Netflix

If you caught the second season of the Umbrella Academy, you’re already aware of Ritu Arya’s Lila Pitts within the Netflix original series. *Spoilers* Playing a mental patient later revealed as one of the children born with powers, the humorous show centers on saving the world from the apocalypse with a band of misfits meaning that Arya is already warmed up for the gig and has the comedic chops for it– something that I think is important in keeping with the original vibe of the show. 

Zazie Beetz 

Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

We already saw Beetz nail it as Domino in Deadpool 2 and is gaining recognition as a versatile actress (please see Atlanta, Joker, and anything else she’s been in, thanks) which is what made Sara Michelle Gellar’s Buffy truly unique. Slayers have to deal with a wide variety of end of the world scenarios to monsters of the week that requires a bit from the main lead.

Kiki Layne

Kiki Layne in The Old Guard

Photo Credit: Netflix

Did you see The Old Guard? Layne was a stand-out presence and that is saying a lot when you’re sharing a screen with Charlize Theron. As much as comedy is important to the role, so is being a warrior – both mentally and physically. The slayer’s responsibilities are fighting vampires, demons, and the forces of evil, which I believe Layne is more than capable of pulling off. 

Anya Chalotra

Anya Chalotra as Yennifer The Witcher

Photo Credit: Netflix

Her breakout role as Yennifer in the Netflix fantasy series, The Witcher has made Anya one to watch. Playing an initially problematic character who grows into a character you root for, Chalotra knows how to bring a character to life that may have flaws as we know sometimes the slayer has to make the hard decisions.

Indya Moore

Indya Moore in Pose on FX

Photo Credit: FX

The category is: Slay. I think the actor has the exact presence of power and courage it takes to be the next slayer and the wittiness that goes along with continually taking on the forces of darkness. And to be frank, I would love to see Indya join the geek world so once again I am speaking this into existence. 

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in Never Ever have I ever on Netflix

Photo Credit: Netflix

Although relatively new to the scene, Ramakrishnan has already made her mark on the Netflix series, Never Have I Ever. It would be exciting to see her next role and joining a genre show would be fun in her on-the-rise career.

Janina Gavankar 

Janina Gavankar in True Blood on HBO

Photo Credit: HBO

Okay, hear me out. When the show ended Buffy had activated several slayers for generations, I think it would be interesting to explore life after this with a slayer who was called to duty during the battle at Hellmouth – or somewhere in the world. Janina has been in the geek scene for a while with credits that include Star Wars, Arrow, True Blood, Sleepy Hollow, and more. Also, I think it is about time to see her as the series lead and kicking ass. Why not add one more fandom to the list? 

Hailee Steinfeld 

Hailee Steinfeld on Dickinson

Photo Credit: Apple TV

If we are going for a complete reboot of the series in a high school/college setting, I think Hailee Steinfeld is one of my top picks. She has an amazing range and true grit (someone stop me) which would make this oscar nominee great for the genre show. I know this less than likely as she will be Kate Bishop in Disney’s Hawkeye series but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Susan Wokoma

Susan Wokoma in Crazyhead on Netflix

Photo Credit: Netflix

I couldn’t not include Susan on this list. For starters and those of you not aware, Susan starred in the short-lived British Netflix show, Crazyhead, which was a fun, zany horror-esque show where she played a demon hunter. Sounds a bit familiar, right? Wokoma basically played a slayer on this show and should definitely be considered for the role. 

Jessica Parker Kennedy

Jessica Parker Kennedy in the Flash on the CW

Photo Credit: CW

Although I didn’t watch the entirety of Blacksails – not because it wasn’t a good show it was just some plot points were too much for me personally- Kennedy’s acting chops reached me on The Flash. Endearing, brave, and spunky – all slayer qualities might I add, Kennedy is a great choice due to her previous hero role as Nora West Allen. She has the spirit of Buffy. Also, she has expressed interest in the role. 

Actresses like Ritu Arya and Zazie Beetz who have played kickass characters fit the role perfectly and I added some that I thought would be great for consideration and can bring that Buffy spunkiness to her legacy. But maybe there is someone I missed and can bring a different perspective or layer to the character that can relate with viewers now? Buffy and the show was known for subverting stereotypes about women in the first place and tackling topics that stayed on fans’ minds. Who could play Buffy in a reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

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