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Most Anticipated Queer SFF Books of 2021

Each year, the number of queer sci-fi and fantasy releases seems to explode. Now there are too many LGBTQ speculative books to keep up with, which is a great problem to have! This year is no exception...

My Top Sci-Fi & Fantasy Reads of 2020

I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy books every year, but every so often there’s a title that truly stands out in its ability to stir my soul and make me think. This year, six books hit these criteria ...

Interview with Andrea Stewart on “The Bone Shard Daughter”

On September 8, the Asian-inspired epic fantasy The Bone Shard Daughter was released into the world. I sat down with the author, Andrea Stewart, to discuss her debut, diversity in the fantasy genre, a...

Ten Treks That Prove ‘Star Trek’ is a Queer Progressive Utopia

Space… the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise… you know the rest. But the final frontier isn’t all space action-adventure. Although, that’s a huge...

Why the She-Ra and Catra Kiss Matters for Queer Youth

WARNING: The following contains a spoiler for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 5, now streaming on Netflix. The kiss heard around the world, or well the queer animated one at least.

12 Must-Read Sapphic Fantasy Books of 2020

There’s a strange rumor going around that there is no sapphic literature. Not only is this not true, but I can prove it! Let’s take my favorite genre for example: Epic fantasy. This year, we have been...

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