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10 Legend of Korra Cosplays You Need to See

10 Legend of Korra Cosplays You Need to See

The Legend of Korra is now on Netflix and what better way to celebrate than featuring cosplayers who brought some of our favorite characters to life.

In the follow up to Avatar: The Last Airbender, we are now joining the universe post Aang with the newest reincarnation of the Avatar, Korra. Skilled, confident and a little hard-headed, we join her on her journey mastering the elements and taking on her destined role in a world still rebuilding. That means finding a balance in politics, social status, and bringing together the nations.

Even though it didn’t do as well as its predecessor for various reasons, Korra is a show I love due to how the sum of its parts impacted me. Seeing a woman of color be strong, make mistakes, letting her anger get the best of her but learning from it by herself and with friends in a kids’ show? I was sold. I mean did you see how they first introduced her?


At the time when I first watched Legend of Korra, she wasn’t a woman who let her emotions consume her but, like past Avatars, a person who dealt with hard decisions in a very human way that literally carried the weight of the world due to being the Avatar.

The continuation of the Avatar legacy was a welcomed addition for me and shows the strength of the story’s message of finding oneself, whether through friendship, responsibility, circumstances, mentorship, family, and legacy. 

I put together a list of wonderful cosplays that embody the characters from The Legend of Korra!

1. Korra by CutieSenpai

Korra is our strong-headed protagonist who is great at bending but has a long way to go in becoming the Avatar. The cosplay captured her growth by donning some of her iconic looks through the seasons.

For popular cosplayer @CutieSenpai, Korra holds a special place in her heart as this was her first character build. In her post, she expresses some of the challenges that went into her costume and who her favorite characters from the Avatar series are.


2. Korra by Regina

I love it when cosplayers add photoshop to the final shot. @Regina’s shares in her post that this Korra costume was her first completed version to pay homage to her favorite watertribe Avatar.


I also can’t forget the rest of the crew that makes up team Avatar and helps hold down the state of the world. No big deal right?

3. Asami by Leiracosplays

A non-bender, Asami Sato brings just as much as any character to the table, including Korra, who is initially her rival. With extensive training skills and engineering experience, Asami runs to solve her problems head first. 

Leira (@Leiracosplays) takes her cosplaying to the next level with fun videos set to dialogue from the shows she cosplays from. If you want to see more Avatar and Korra cosplays or love anime, check out her page.


4. Asami by Full_Velvet

No stranger to cosplaying, @full_velvet does anywhere from My Hero Academia to Star Wars.


5. Mako by BeastBoy 

Initially the love interest in the love triangle in Team Avatar (we all know how that turned out), Mako is a firebender who joins Korra’s team, along with his brother Bolin. 

Nightwing, Newt Scamander, Witcher, you name it! Jason aka @BeastBoy cosplays across the board, adding special effects and great photo editing on top of his excellent costume and make-up of Mako, which you could see more of on his Instagram.


6. Mako by SpideyfromtheBlock

This next Mako cosplay comes from @SpideyfromtheBlock. He also brings firebending into his cosplay with traditional effects that make you want to be a firebender. 


7. Bolin by Law

The other half of the sibling duo, Bolin joins Team Avatar as their goofy earthbender. But don’t let that fool you. Bolin is an expert at earthbending, even eventually learning how to lavabend. If you haven’t noticed already, there are several similarities in team makeup including siblings – one of which is the funny one, an Avatar, an earthbender, firebender, and non-bender on the team.


Law is a professional costume and props maker for hire so, of course, he goes larger than life with Bolin’s on-screen persona Nuktuk. Check out his work and his collab video with Filipinx cosplayers

8. Bolin by Dwayne

This. Is. All. Cospaint. Dwayne is a self-taught MUA and Cosplayer with many other talents. With videos of how he brings his looks to life like the Scooby Gang, Poison Ivy, Nightwing, and more, it’s worth heading on over to his page. Seriously, he even does Kyoshi Warrior Sokka.


9. Team Avatar Korra by PulseandHaze

When becoming the Avatar, one simply does not do it alone. In both Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, both protagonists are fortunate to have a group of friends that not only help them become the Avatar but become vital to their success in either personal growth or mastering the elements. In Legend of Korra, this group is made up of Korra, Asami, Mako, and Bolin. I love it when a group cosplay comes together. 

Team Avatar Korra. This cosplay from the @pulseandhaze group reminds us that at the heart of team Avatar is friendship.


10. Korra and Asami

@Carmacosplay is made up of cosplayers Carla (Korra) and Emma (Asami). They are two friends who nerd out together, cosplay, and create! Their friend Julie joins them as Mako.



This theater group banded together and brought to life both teams of Avatar, past and present.


However, you feel about The Legend of Korra, you have to appreciate the level of detail, skills, and dedication it takes for these cosplayers to bring these characters to life.

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