Author: Sinta Posadas

Book of Beasts: Nuno sa Punso

“Tabi-tabi po, mga nuno” is a phrase often taught to young children to help them avoid the ire of the Nuno sa Punso. The Nuno sa Punso is a spirit of the earth that lives in termite mounds and ant hills. He is a capricious, territorial creature that often shows itself as a hunched, wrinkled old man with a long, tangled greyish, and sometimes, white beard. His skin is dark and tanned, like his moun...

Book of Beasts: Lubay-Lubyok Mahanginun si Mahuyokhuyokan

Lubay-Lubyok Mahanginun si Mahuyokhuyokan is a beautiful maiden with deep brown skin and long dark, windswept hair, dressed in the finest silks made of clouds, stars, and the night sky. She is elusive, hiding behind the sunset, escaping the sights of all those who try to reach for her. Devastating Beauty Lubay-Lubyok is a gorgeous goddess, born of Maklium sa T’wan, the oldest god of the plains and...

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