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Behind the Festivity: The Significance of the Five Days of Diwali

Lights, sweets, gifts, and action! It’s that time of the year when people celebrate togetherness and dispel the darkness within them by lighting up diyas on every corner of the house. It’s that time of the year when gleeful faces exchange sweets and gifts with fervor and enthusiasm and strengthen the ties of their relations. It’s that time of the year when flavor and folklore walk hand-in-hand and...

10 Ways to Ward Off The Evil Eye

A stare, a superficial toned praise, or compliment about your beauty, success, or wealth, can turn your world upside down in moments! You must be confused and thinking, “How can that happen?” We like to call it the Nazar or Drishti or The Evil Eye, a curse or a spell which takes place when someone intentionally or unintentionally shoots a malicious glare stuffed with ill thoughts or jealousy! So t...

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