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DC Heroes to Cosplay That Aren’t the Big Seven

DC Heroes to Cosplay That Aren’t the Big Seven

DC FanDome is the first of its kind for the major comic book company. The online event takes a big dive into the DC universe from panels, artworks, cosplays, and first looks at new content.

I thought we should explore the DC universe’s lesser-known characters that’d make for great cosplay. You know the ones beyond the popular seven — the Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Superman, and Cyborg.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love these heroes, especially Batman as he was my first hero introduction but let’s save that for another day.

Quick backstory on me, growing up I wasn’t into comics. It wasn’t that I hated them but they weren’t really introduced to me. However, as I grew older, TV allowed me to explore comics through shows and movies, piquing my interests.

At this time, DC was dominating the animation game in my book and I loved every hero they had, including Batman the Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, and more.

In this list, I share a few heroes that I love from the multiverse and cosplays that capture their worthiness. 

Other Justice Leaguers 

Black Canary

You’ve seen her on Arrow and in Birds of Prey but who is Dinah Laurel Lance? She first appeared in Flash Comics #86 and is one of the world’s foremost martial artists and possesses a sonic attack called the Canary Cry. She is the daughter of Dinah Drake, who used the moniker before her, and the girlfriend and later wife of Green Arrow. Black Canary has been an important member of the Justice League of America and the Birds of Prey.



He is a winged vigilante who fights crime using a flight harness made from Nth metal and a mace. There are several versions of him but the best version to cosplay him is as his Silver Age ego, Katar Hol – an alien policeman from the planet Thanagar with access to advanced technology.



One of the founding members of the Justice League and a former member of the Thanagarian military. She wields a magical mace and uses Nth Metal wings to fly.


Green Lantern (John Stewart)

He is the third Green Lantern after Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner. His power ring grants him the same ability as all other Lanterns — create objects with sheer willpower. 



All-around badass, Katana is a sword-wielding Japanese superhero with magical weaponry. Her blade is the Soultaker Sword, a relic that steals the essence of those it slays and stores them inside. And I know, she’s not really in the Justice League but in Birds of Prey but how great is she?



Mainly seen in Teen Titans, Raven is a formidable character with dark magic powers. Despite having a demon father determined to enslave her home planet, Raven always strives to be a good force and works with the Justice League and Teen Titans. 



Static Shock 

For some of you reading this, the theme song might have started playing in your head. As one of Earth’s mightiest heroes, he has the ability to manipulate and control electromagnetic phenomena.



A great magic user, superhero, and stage performer, Zatanna is an amazing character to cosplay as. She casts her spells by speaking the sentence or words backwards, which makes her one of the most powerful heroes. Also check her out in Justice League Dark stories, which is one of my favorites. 


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And now back to our cosplay list…

Looking by location? Here are other heroes that might give you inspiration. 

Nubia – Themyscira

Her origins may have changed throughout the years due to (ahem) problematic origins but she is Wonder Woman’s sister. Just like Diana, she is an Amazon and was created from clay but was stolen. 


Hippolyta – Themyscira

Amazon Queen, mentor, and mom to Wonder Woman, Hippolyta is an amazing character to cosplay as. 


Bat Gang – Gotham City 

If you are looking to cosplay as someone from Team Batman, honestly take your pick. From Batgirl and Robin to Nightwing and Batwoman, there are so many iterations of bat heroes with unique backgrounds.


Supergirl – Metropolis 

Kara Zor-el is the cousin to Superman so she essentially has Superman’s powers and is one of the most powerful human beings in the universe.


Aqualad – Atlantis

Like Robin is to Batman and Supergirl to Superman, Aqualad is to Aquaman. The sidekick known as Kaldur’ahm, then later Tempest, his powers include hydrokinesis, super-strength, invulnerability, and the ability to survive underwater at any depth possible. Unfortunately, like Raven, his father is a villain – Black Manta. 


Mera – Atlantis

Known for her passion and strength, she is the powerful Queen of Atlantis. With a number of abilities, the queen also possesses all power that Atlanteans do but also wields a cool trident.


Speedy – Star City 

Looking for another sidekick to cosplay as? Speedy/Roy Harper is the protege and legal ward of Green Arrow. Skilled in martial arts and trick arrows, he eventually becomes Arsenal, the Red Arrow his DC evolution. The name of Speedy has also been bestowed to Mia Dearden, who was adopted by Oliver Queen. 


There are plenty more DC characters I didn’t cover on this list that are more than worthy of a great cosplay but here are a few to start. Cosplaying from home? Want to see something more? Follow us on social media and let us know what you think.

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