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Chai & Cocktails: Creating Fantasy Worlds from a South Asian Perspective

To begin the new year, the Brown Geeks team at Avaaz met with two amazing fantasy writers Tanaz Bhathena and Davis Ahsura, and discussed with them their own per...[Read More]

A History of Black Comic Book Brilliance

We at Brown Geeks are excited to celebrate Black History Month and as a nod to the history of geekery, we wanted to look back to where all our fantasy and sci-f...[Read More]

Book of Beasts – Boitatá

Enormous, rage-filled eyes glow in the dark rainforest as a monstrous serpent raises its head. Flames lick along its massive body and gather in its mouth, ready...[Read More]

Brown Geeks Spotlight – Sim Dhugga

How did you break into this industry? Thanks to my mom, actually. She’s always been my biggest advocate and is a firm believer in the idea that if you don’t tel...[Read More]

Book of Beasts: Bakunawa

The Bakunawa is a great sea dragon that hungers for the moon. Her mouth yawns the size of a lake, with a tongue red like blood and massive sharp teeth. With the...[Read More]

Brown Geek Spotlight: Aishwarya Tandon

This week’s Brown Geek Spotlight highlights a talented artist who shows great potential to work in the publishing industry. Based in Jaipur, India Aishwarya Tan...[Read More]

Who Will be the Next Chosen One for the Buffy Reboot

For a while, there have been rumors of casting for a potential rebooting of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While there has yet to be an official casting announcement...[Read More]

Reflections of Brown Geek Staffers on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today as we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Brown Geeks reflect on his contributions and the impact he’s had on their lives. Kunal,...[Read More]

Book of Beasts: Nuno sa Punso

“Tabi-tabi po, mga nuno” is a phrase often taught to young children to help them avoid the ire of the Nuno sa Punso. The Nuno sa Punso is a spirit of the earth ...[Read More]

Book of Beasts: La Diablesse

The attractive young woman is garbed in a voluminous white dress and wide-brimmed hat as she leads her victim into the lone forest towards the ravine. He bubble...[Read More]

Games in 2021 The Brown Geeks Can’t Wait For!

With 2020 finally coming to end and the new consoles hitting the shelves (hopefully near you), I am excited for the new year mainly for the many game titles tha...[Read More]

The Brown Geeks Review Raji: an Ancient Epic

Introduction As an avid gamer I have come across many stories of epic fantasies and daring rescues that resemble the cultures of familiar western gods. Sure, th...[Read More]

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